Workplace Related Injury

In spite of all types of precautions or preparations, accidents can occur anywhere whether it is on the roads, at home or at your workplace. Still,  proper measures need to be taken to avoid or limit the injuries or damage caused by them.

As far as work related injuries are concerned, the organization no matter how small or big, should employ certain training or management techniques to make its employees well equipped to prevent any kind of mishap. Also, the staff should be trained to respond to any accident that might still occur after all the safety precautions have been taken. The safety and protection of the employees is of utmost importance and thus, it is the duty of all the employers to take adequate steps to protect the health and life of its staff members.

When can you classify an injury as a workplace injury?

An injury is considered to be work-related if it occurred while working or even within the premises of the organization or company the injured person is employed at. Any such injury that requires medical treatment or affecting the working efficiency of the injured will also be the responsibility of the employer to take proper actions supporting the worker’s treatment as well as providing compensation benefits.

Safety measures

Evaluating all the risks involved in the working of the organization especially in case any machinery or equipment is used and taking necessary steps to avoid those risks and protect the employees from injuries while handling the tools is one of the most effective ways of offering safety to all working members. Regular monitoring and surveying of the site of work to make the workers aware of all potentially unsafe conditions is also  beneficial to avoid accidents. Emergency first aid kits and other safety supplies should be readily available in case any mishap occurs. The employees should also be trained in applying basic first aid treatment to the injured  so as to stabilize the injury and limit the damage occurring to the body. The staff members should have access to emergency telephone numbers for immediate contact in case of any accident at the workplace.

For workers involved in handling chemicals, explosives or toxic materials, proper protective equipment such as gloves, eye gears, masks etc should be provided to ensure their safety.

Compensation and medical aid

It is the duty of the employer to provide all the necessary treatment to the injured worker and in case the medical condition indicates any disability or deformity so as to keep the worker away from work, adequate compensation must be awarded to the worker.

Workers form an integral part of an organization and thus, their health and safety should be of utmost importance and to ensure their protection.  All employers must take all the necessary steps to safeguard the lives of their staff members including proper safety training. Considering all the risk factors as well as ways to avoid the same in addition to the remedial actions in case of any mishap are all key precautionary measures that must be followed by all owners of the workplace.

Is prioritizing safety an inconvenience?