Driver Training (Professional & Advanced Driving Courses)

Driver Learnership

This course focuses on driver learnership.

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Driver Assessment

Assessment of driver’s capabilities.

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Professional Driving Course

Professional driving courses focus on training up professional drivers.

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This is an NQF level 4 course aimed at teaching the skills and techniques required to minimize the loss and theft of vehicles due to hijackings.

Learners will be guided through a set of 5 modules that takes an in-depth look at the hidden elements of a hijacking situation.

Among discussions will be, for instance, a look at the profile of a hijacker, types of hijacking situations and preventative driving habits.

We will also focus on how to react in a hijacking situation, should it occur. As well as the importance of the effective planning of trips.

  • Target: Driver Assistants, Guards, Convoy Personnel
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Description: Awareness, Tactics, Warning Signs, Proactive Steps
  • Legislation:

Advanced Driving Course

This is an NQF level 5 advanced driving course that teaches the application of advanced or defensive driving techniques.

Each learner driver will undergo a full assessment and qualifying learners will receive 6 credits. The modules presented will cover topics like accident prevention, vehicle control and collision avoidance. All material is aimed at ensuring safer driving practices and more effective responses and reactions under potentially hazardous driving circumstances.

(Unit Standard: 377201 – NQF Level: 5 – Credits: 6) – apply advanced & defensive driving skills


Frequently Asked Questions

Course costs are based on the number of people attending, for an accurate quote please contact us.

We can train you wherever you are! We can come to your office or you can come to our offices in Centurion.

Our aim is to teach these first aid skills to you when it suits YOU! We run the course 7 days a week! That’s right, Monday through to Sunday.

Certificates will be issued 2-3 days after the training took place. Once issued we will send you the scanned and original copies. If payment is outstanding we will only send it out after payment was received.

  • Target: Drivers of Company Vehicles
  • Duration: 40 hours ( 1 week)
  • Description: System of vehicle control, S.I.P.D , Acceleration & Retardation Controls
  • Legislation:

Learn how to enhance your skills as a driver when you choose to take part in our TETA professional and advanced driver training courses. Read about all the different advantage you will gain from this experience and as well as the main differences between professional and advanced driver training below.

What is a Professional and Advanced Driver Training Course?

A professional driver course is mainly focused at training those people who drive or operate vehicles as part of their job for a company. This type of driver would need to know how to professionally operate his/ her vehicle in terms of vehicle maintenance and even how to successfully drive without causing any accidents on the road.

Advanced driving on the other hand, deals with promoting road safety by ensuring that the driver knows how to control the speed and placement of their own vehicle while driving on the road. This type of training requires that the participant has some sort of previous driving experience, along with great observation and concentration skills too.

What to Expect When You Choose to Participate in a Professional or Advanced Driver Course?

Candidates who choose to participate in a professional or advanced driver training course can expect to learn how to compose themselves as they approach a hazardous situation while driving a vehicle. Not only will they learn about composure but also how to successfully manage the incident that they are faced with.

The main objective is for drivers to take ownership of there vehicles, to see themselves as managers of valuable assets and that will increases his/her own personal driving standards once they have completed the course. These training courses were designed to help the driver identify possible dangers on the road and how to avoid them without being a hazard on the road.

Strat Training’s Professional Driving Courses

At Strat Training, we offer various types of Advanced driver training courses for people living in South Africa. Our company has been sharing their knowledge and experience of the health and safety environment with our clients since 2007.

Some of the professional driving courses available on offer are as follows;

  • Driver Learnership
  • Driver Assessment
  • Professional Driving Training

Each of these three courses focuses on different aspects of the driver. If you are interested in these courses, you may also like our anti-hijacking and advanced training courses too. Read more about them below:

Anti-Hijacking Training

The anti-hijacking training class deals with all the different types of tips to keep your vehicle safe from being involved in a hijacking situation. This eight-hour course deals with topics such as awareness, warning signs and even protective measures that can assist your vehicle from being hijacked.

Advanced Driving Course

Those drivers who participate in the advanced driving course will learn a series of different types of techniques such as vehicle control and how to avoid a collision too.

This is an accredited course that allows a maximum of twenty participants at a time. The course runs every Monday to Friday. Those participants who successfully pass this training will receive their certificate of attendance within the course of two to three working days.

Advantages of Joining a Professional and Advanced Driver Training Courses in South Africa

It does not matter if you are a beginner driver or have decades of experience behind the wheel, taking part in a professional or advanced driver training course will always be of benefit for you. Not only does these types of classes improve your driving skills, but it also ensures safety on the roads too. Read some of the greatest advantages of a driver training course below:

  • Participants gain an advanced mechanical knowledge

    When you choose to participate in a professional or advanced driver course, you will be presented with the opportunity to learn all about the technical aspects about driving a car. Not many drivers really know the importance of being able to chance a tire or what to do when your car overheats while driving. By choosing to actively be involved in a driver course, you will gain a better understanding of the mechanical aspects of your vehicle.

  • Boost the driver’s confidence levels

    After successfully completing this type of training class, as a driver, you will have a sense of confidence to be able drive in a more controlled manner. As a driver, it is really important to have confidence within your skills when you are sitting behind the wheel. Should you have no confidence in your skills, you will be in a state of panic each time you are driving on the road, causing you to become hazardous to other drivers. This could result in dangerous accidents and even the loss of lives.

  • It teaches you how to drive your vehicle properly, leading to less fuel consumption

    Knowing how to drive your car in the correct manner can ensure that you spend less money on fuel and more time enjoying the road. Your personal driving style can have a massive influence on the amount of fuel your can burns out each and every time you drive. By taking part in this driver training course, you will learn small tips on how to drive with the intention of saving fuel.

  • Promotes safe driving

    One of the most important advantages of participating in a driver training class is that it promotes safe driving on the road. The number of accidents that occur are always increasing. Drivers who choose to take part in this class will become more alert when driving, making them aware of any potential threats when driving and how to safely avoid any accidents too.

Get in touch with our team today to book your spot in our professional and advanced driver training courses in South Africa. Find out more about the duration of the course you are interested in and get a quote on the pricing plan of the class, as per the number of participants involved. We look forward to teaching you new techniques to help keep you safe while driving.