Three ways to Stay Safe this Holiday

It’s the festive season, holiday time for many and invariably it involves at least some travelling. Whether navigating between home and a vacation spot or to and from parties, gatherings and functions, there is a good chance you’ll be spending more time on the road this month.

Being busier and occupied by merry folk, the roads are no doubt more hazardous and it’s necessary to be absolutely alert and aware of what is going on around you at all times. These days it isn’t enough to simply not drink and drive, chances are that someone else might have had a few too many before putting pedal to the metal. This is why you need to be sure that you are a cautious and considerate road user.

It is not just our roads that need to be approached more cautiously, stores, public places, beaches and so on attract a whole other set of elements that need to be regarded with care and attention.

Do not drink and Drive

How many advertisements, newspaper reports and personal accounts will it take before we can count on ‘alcohol free’ roads? Do yourself and everyone else a favour and stick to sober ways if you are going to drive. If staying sober is too much to ask for, make use of driving services like uber. The extra buck out of your pocket is nothing compared to what you will be paying for drinks and it might just save you a night in the cop-shop, insurance claim admin or well, you know, a trip to the hospital.

Beware of pickpockets.

It’s tourist-time. No matter which part of the country you find yourself in, it is likely that there are visitors from other places and these visitors tend to attract crime. Don’t leave valuables unattended and don’t engage in conversation with strangers without being fully aware of their motives, actions and words. If you find yourself distracted for a seemingly ‘random’ reason, double check your belongings.

Lock up and Go

If you’ll be leaving your house empty while away on vacation it probably means that you either could not get someone to house-sit for you, or you have excellent security. If not, now is the time to strengthen security in and around your home. Don’t leave it to fate. It is much better to go the extra mile than to come back facing so much more than the expected holiday blues.

These are just a few tips to make sure that you set your attitude to safe mode. There is a lot you can do to safeguard yourself and those around you against unnecessary dangers. Make a note to locate the contact numbers for emergency services in the area you are visiting and remember that even though you might be taking time off this Easter, misfortune and crooks are not necessarily doing the same thing.

Is prioritizing safety an inconvenience?