Personal safety is a concept that we all need to have in order to feel at peace and minimally comfortable. Many people know of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which places safety and security second on the list. This means that after satisfying our physiological needs we need to feel safe. Today, this means being able to sleep at night without being threatened, having job security, as well as mental, health, and emotional well being.


South Africa has been plagued by the reputation of being dangerous for none of its population and for having no sense of safety. This is very untrue although it is a high risk area due to the high contrast between the rich and the poor and due to the fact that the majority of the country lives in absolute poverty.

In terms of workplace safety, OSHA and training companies such as Strat Training offer courses for employers and employees to take part in. These courses ensure physical and mental safety while at work and should be taken seriously, especially in industries such as driving, construction, transport, lifting, and so forth.

For personal safety, there are a number of things that an individual can do to feel safer. Ensuring that your home is as safe as possible is important. For example, having a boundary that separates your home from public property, gates, locks, electric fences, alarms, and so forth.

People can also invest in devices such as pepper spray or stun guns so that they are able to better defend themselves if they face danger. However, it is also important to use your natural safety measure – common sense. Do not walk alone late at night in a dangerous area or put yourself in harm’s way.

Most rules and regulations put in place by society is there for safety. When driving, pay attention and obey the rules of the road. Stop signs, robots, yielding, all of these things are to warn people and to avoid danger. Many accidents happen due to people being careless or reckless and many issues can be avoided if people paid more attention to safety.