First Aid – The First Option For Help

Are you getting enough treatment and care? Whenever someone faces unusual physical circumstances, the first thing you seek is for instant care and treatment. First aid is the provision for an illness or injury. That is usually performed by a non-expert person to the sick or injured person until a proper medical treatment is provided to the patient.


Some of the minor injury or self limiting illness may not require further medical treatment but could turn severe if proper first-aid is not provided in the proper time as a small injury or sickness may also cause major damage to the body if not treated with required aid in time. First aid generally consists of some simple as well as some potential life-saving techniques that can be performed by an individual after having core but proper knowledge of equipments and medicines. What are the aims of the first aid? As keeping in mind the basic aims of first-aid are: Preserve Life; Prevent Further Harm; Promote Recovery; First-aid can be required by anyone at any time. Whether it is office, school, home, sports fields or any place you go around. Proper training is always essential so that you may provide the treatment.

For that you never have to have heavy burdens on your shoulders. Strat Training provide training courses for facing every type of situation. For more information about our first aid courses, please visit our course page.

You can select any of the courses according to daily life and routine.  The things that every first-aid kit should consists are:

An Antiseptic – for cleaning wounds; Band aids and Gauze pads – of all sizes; Scissors, Acne Band aid – basically used for sprains and breakage; Instant Cold and Hot Pack; Adhesive Tape; Tweezers; Latex; Gloves; Analgesic – type of pain reliever; Antibiotic ointments; Rubbing alcohol and Disinfectant; Antihistamine – in case of Severe allergies; List of emergency phone number With these fist-aid training and information you can be a Good Samaritan for any person in need.

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