Common causes of fire

Fire fighting may seem like something that is unnecessary or no longer useful, but it will save lives and precious possessions when a fire does strike due to natural or manmade causes. Training for situations like these can make the difference between life and death.


More than 80% of fire related deaths occur in the house and in a home devoid of a fire sprinkler system. These fires can spread through a house before you have time to do anything about it. This fact alone proves the need for fire fighting courses and training in South Africa. Below are some common causes of fire along with  remedies on how to reduce fire hazards:

1. Walking away from the kitchen when cooking with gas: The kitchen is repeatedly the most fire-prone place in the home. Unattended toasters as well as hotplates, bowls which are not microwave resistant, and cookbooks close to naked gas flames are common causes of fire hazards.

2. The electrical cords in your home is depleted: Frayed or chewed electrical cords result in a lot of house fires. Uncovered electrical wire on your floor or rug can catch flame in seconds. Pets frequently chew up electrical cords which causes severe fire dangers.

3. Overloading your power strips: Overloading of power strips can cause fire. When overloaded, these power strips can spark. If they are somewhere near a flammable object, a fire is very probable making this a serious hazard.

4. Buying a faulty electrical appliance: Malfunctioning electrical equipment is a huge cause of fire. A lot of us own many electrical appliances, some of which can fault at any time. Sparks from defective toasters, televisions, coffee makers, PC monitors, or any other electrical appliance can cause severe common hazards.

5. When we put something combustible near something hot: Putting something flammable close to a source of heat is a rapid way to begin a fire. A few dangerous examples comprise lamp shades that rest too near to the bulb, clothes or drapes too near to a radiator, or any combustible material near to a space heater.
6. When we leave a candle unattended for sometime: Candles result in a lot of fire cases every year. Even with a protected holder, candles must never be left unattended. It merely takes a few minutes for a pet or child to blow the candle or have it near a flammable object.

7. Using a fireplace or wood stove in the wrong way: Fireplaces as well as wood stoves can be a source of fire hazards when they are not correctly used. Ensure that your chimney is apparent and clean prior to burning anything. Do not throw away the ashes until they are 100% cool, even the smallest smoldering coal could effortlessly start a fire in your garbage bin.

8. Leaving burning cigarettes: Cigarettes are a massive source of any fire hazard. Smoking on the couch, leaving a pipe or a cigarette carelessly or baring ashtray contents prior to getting cool cause a lot of fires every year.

Once begun, a fire can temper out of control in seconds. Lots of people never realize how rapidly a fire can extend but a little fire can turn out to be a huge one. Taking a training or fire fighting course can increase your chances of surviving a fire and protecting property. Join us for a fire fighting course.

Is prioritizing safety an inconvenience?