Anti Hi-Jacking Tips

Be Aware, Stay Safe

We live in a county where hi-jacking is a very real threat. It is however a problem that can be prevented by making a few simple changes to your behaviour. Here are some easy tips to keep you, your family as well as your car safe.

Be Aware:

  • Get to know your environment, as well as who belongs in the vicinity of your home or workplace   and take note of strangers
  • Be aware of anything out of the ordinary
  • Ensure that all your vehicle’s doors are locked and windows closed
  • Vary your routes to work, home, gym, shop, etc. as much as possible. Remember that hijackers are professionals too, and that they usually plan their attacks
  • Ensure that your mirrors are adjusted to provide you with optimal all round view of your immediate   surroundings

When Entering Vehicle and Driving:

  • Ensure that you know the route to your destination and be very alert should you get lost
  • Always drive with your windows closed and doors locked
  • Ensure that passengers you have dropped off are safely inside the next vehicle or premises before departing
  • Avoid driving through high crime or unfamiliar areas
  • Avoid driving late at night or early in the morning when possible

When Parking:

  • When returning home after dark, ensure that you stop in a well-lit area or have someone meet you  outside, and ensure that you were not followed
  • When exiting your vehicle, be cautious and aware of surrounding obstructions, particularly shrubbery that may be concealing a possible attacker
  • Never sit in your parked car without being conscious of your surroundings
  • When approaching your driveway, be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles or people
  • Although these tips are meant to prevent a hi-jacking nothing is for sure. Always remember no car is worth more than you life. Be  safe!
Is prioritizing safety an inconvenience?